Konradp Auto ShutDown

Konradp Auto ShutDown 1.2

Shutdown your PC automatically via a timer


  • Gives you more control over shutdowns
  • Allows you to schedule and force shutdowns


  • Force shutdown sometimes does not work when PC freezes


It's never a bad idea to have more control over shutdowns. Leaving your computer switched on for hours on end is not good for your PC, your electric bill or the environment. In addition, there's nothing more frustrating that not being able to shutdown your PC when it freezes.

Basically, this program is for two main functions. The first is to shut down your computer at a certain time or in a certain amount of time such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This is great if you¡re leaving your PC to defrag or download but don't want to leave it on all night. The second function is the "Remind me about" function which schedules a warning about something. The program automatically emits a sound to remind you that something is overdue or simply shuts down your PC if instructed to do so.

Most importantly, the program features a "force shutdown" function which is very useful if your computer freezes or crashes.

Simple but effective, this is an excellent little utility that should com as standard with Windows.

Do you want to shut down your computer within an hour or at a specified hour? Do you want to receive a warning in 15 minutes that your system will shutdown? Or do you want to "force" a shutdown.

If so, Konradp Auto ShutDown can help you configure your shutdowns the way you want them and help you get out of frustrating situations when your PC freezes..

Konradp Auto ShutDown


Konradp Auto ShutDown 1.2

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